earn bitcoin throwing knives!!!

bitcoin FOOD FIGHT

Earn Bitcoin throwing knives totally free with this application that allows us to accumulate the amount of 1000 points per day playing it’s game, which is equivalent to $0.1.

And best of all, this app has a three  sisters newcomers to the market, Bitcoin Blocks, Bitcoin Blast and Bitcoin Solitaire. You can use them independently and accumulate the same earnings that Bitcoin Food Fight offers you. 

So we can raise up to $12 a month.

The entire process is completely free. We will only have to activate our CoinBase account by KYC (phone number and ID number).

Account activation is completed in a few hours, and you will receive information by email on the status of the review.

Once accepted we will have access to our earnings generated in Bitcoin Food Fight.

At CoinBase we can buy and sell cryptocurrency (send & receive), and we can even transfer our credit to our PayPal account, so it is a good way to get started in the world of cryptocurrency for free and without any risk for us.

At Eurosgratis.com we offer you the possibility of opening your account on CoinBase before starting the download of Bitcoin Food Fight and then associating the account already created into the application. In this way you will become part of our team in CoinBase and you will receive $ 10 free when any of us generates their first $ 100 in cryptocurrency. Click on the following button , and become part of our team.







In Bitcoin Food Fight we generate daily free Bitcoin.