win paypal playing games


With Lucky Scratch we can win PayPal money and send it straight to our account just by playing funny games.

Most of them are recognizable games, such as Slots, Scratch and Win, Lucky Wheel, Lotto, and a variety of Candy Crush and Tetris-style games.

In Lucky Scratch we can find as well a huge variety of games in which we’ll receive more coins the more time we play with daily rewards on some of them. This is a new feature and do not appear on her twin sister Lucky Time ( check Lucky Time review on this website, another 100% legit and reliable App ). 

We also have the possibility to earn rewards by completing daily tasks, such as performing a certain number of plays to the specified games.

This version includes the new Black Jack Game, and Lucky Hero is recommended, as we increase our daily rewards the more we upgrade our weapons.

And you will get easily around four million coins just by completing the Lucky Word Game ( try this website where you can find all the combinations of your letters for you to pass levels easily : )

We also find the typical offer walls that we can see in most games, in which we can get a large number of coins, downloading games and meeting the specified requirement, which is usually to exceed the indicated level to be able to claim the reward.

We can withdraw to our PayPal account every time we get 7,500,000 coins ($ 5), an amount that can easily be obtained in three or four days.

This is a brand new App with only 50,000 downloads, but it pays in three days (five days top) and it’s as legit as Lucky Time.








With Lucky Scratch we can only send our winnings to our PayPal account.